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A., Chandrasekhar and Malini, Laloraya and P. G., Kumar (2011) Modulation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase activity through sequential posttranslational modifications of p22 phagocytic oxidase during capacitation and acrosome reaction in goat spermatozoa. Journal of animal science, 89 (10). pp. 2995-3007. ISSN 1525-3163

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Superoxide anion radical, produced in low quantities, plays a positive role in sperm function. Spermatozoa produce superoxide anion radical during posttesticular development, which shows an abrupt increase during capacitation. The NAD phosphate oxidase (NOX) family members NOX2 and NOX5 are the 2 enzymes implicated in superoxide production in spermatozoa. We examined the organization of NOX2 in goat spermatozoa during epididymal maturation, capacitation, and acrosome reaction. Spermatozoa from testis, caput epididymidis, corpus epididymidis, and cauda epididymidis possessed components of the phagocytic oxidase (PHOX; i.e., gp91phox, p22phox, p67phox, p47phox, p40phox), and ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1/2 (Rac1/2) on spermatozoa, and their concentrations did not show significant alterations during epididymal maturation. During capacitation in vitro, p22phox underwent Thr-phosphorylation, which resulted in a mobility shift of the corresponding band toward greater molecular mass. The Rac1/2 also showed a mobility shift from 32 to 23 kDa during capacitation. During progesterone-induced acrosome reaction, the spermatozoa experienced a total loss of p22phox and p47phox. The p47phox, but not p22phox, was detected in the exocytic vesicles of the acrosome. The Thr-phosphorylated form of p22phox was ubiquitinated and degraded through proteasome-mediated pathways in goat sperm cell lysates. Thus, Thr phosphorylation of p22phox acts as a regulatory switch in goat spermatozoa that transiently activates the NOX2 system during capacitation and subsequently directs it for degradation through the ubiiquitin-proteasomal pathway during progesterone-induced acrosome reaction.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: acrosome reaction; capacitation; goat spermatozoa; nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase family; phagocytic oxidase; reactive oxygen species
Subjects: Molecular Reproduction
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Date Deposited: 20 Apr 2017 05:47
Last Modified: 20 Apr 2017 10:21
URI: http://rgcb.sciencecentral.in/id/eprint/345

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