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Saneesh Babu , PS and S, Asha Nair and M R , Pillai (2012) meso-Tetrakis(p-sulfonatophenyl)N-Confused Porphyrin Tetrasodium Salt: A Potential Sensitizer for Photodynamic Therapy. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 55 (11). pp. 5110-5120. ISSN 1520-4804


A , Aravind and Sanil , George and Santhosh, Kumar (2012) Remarkable influence of microwave heating on Morita-baylis-Hillman reaction in PEG-200 A Aravind, Sanil George and Santhosh Kumar. Chemistry Central journal, 6 (30). ISSN 1752-153X

A. , Bijukumar and S.S. , Jijith and U. , Suresh Kumar and Sanil, George (2012) DNA barcoding of the Bryde’s Whale Balaenoptera edeni Anderson (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) washed ashore along Kerala coast, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa , 4 (3). pp. 2436-2443. ISSN 0974-7907

A. , Nair and S. V. , Gopalan and Sanil, George and K. S., Kumar (2012) High cryptic diversity of endemic Indirana frogs in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot. Animal Conservation, 15 (5). 489-498 . ISSN 1469-1795

A. BIJU, KUMAR and SANIL , GEORGE (2012) The status of Eurostus dussumierii and Hypsirhina chinensis (Reptilia, Squamata, Serpentes): with comments on the origin of salt tolerance in homalopsid snakes. Systematics and Biodiversity, 10 (4). pp. 479-489. ISSN 1478-0933

A.K., Anilkumar and G.K. , Madhavilatha and Laiza K. , Paul and Indulakshmi, Radhakrishnan and R. , Ajay Kumar and Sathish, Mundayoor (2012) Standardization and evaluation of a tetraplex polymerase chain reaction to detect and differentiate Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and nontuberculous Mycobacteria--a retrospective study on pulmonary TB patients. Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease, 72 (3). pp. 239-247. ISSN 1879-0070

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Abhilash, Nair and Sujith V. , Gopalan and Sanil, George and K. Santhosh , Kumar (2012) Genetic variation and differentiation in Indirana beddomii frogs endemic to the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot. Conservation Genetics, 13 (6). pp. 1459-1467. ISSN 1572-9737

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Appian , Subramoniam and V .V., Asha and Sreejith P, Sasidharan (2012) Chlorophyll Revisited: Anti-inflammatory Activities of Chlorophyll a and Inhibition of Expression of TNF-α Gene by the Same. Inflammation, 35 (3). 959-966. ISSN 1573-2576


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Balan , S and Vellichirammal, NN and Moinak , Banerjee (2012) Failure to find association between febrile seizures and SCN1A rs3812718 polymorphism in south Indian patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal sclerosis. Epilepsy research, 101 (3). pp. 288-292. ISSN 1872-6844


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Divya, MS and Divya, TS and Rasheed, VA and Santhoshkumar, TR and Jackson, James and Pillai , MR (2012) Umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells consist of a unique population of progenitors co-expressing mesenchymal stem cell and neuronal markers capable of instantaneous neuronal differentiation. Stem cell research & therapy, 3 (6). ISSN 1757-6512


E, Yamuna and RA, Kumar and M, Zeller and KJ, Rajendra Prasad (2012) Synthesis, antimicrobial, antimycobacterial and structure-activity relationship of substituted pyrazolo-, isoxazolo-, pyrimido- and mercaptopyrimidocyclohepta[b]indoles. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 47. 228-238. ISSN 1768-3254


G , Deepa and Arun Kumar, T T and Ruby John, Anto and J Jisha , Pillai and GS , Vinod Kumar (2012) Cross-linked acrylic hydrogel for the controlled delivery of hydrophobic drugs in cancer therapy. International journal of nanomedicine, 2012 (7). 4077-4088. ISSN 1178-2013

G , Krishnakumar and Priya , Srinivas (2012) Estimation of camptothecin and pharmacological evaluation of Ophiorrhiza prostrata D. Don and Ophiorrhiza mungos L. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 2 (2). S727-S731. ISSN 2221-1691

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Jazir, Haneef and Parvathy , M and T R, Santhosh Kumar and Hima , Sithul and Sreeja , Sreeharshan (2012) Bax Translocation Mediated Mitochondrial Apoptosis and Caspase Dependent Photosensitizing Effect of Ficus religiosa on Cancer Cells. PloS one, 7 (7). ISSN 1932-6203

Jeyanthy , Eswaran and Da-Qiang, Li and Anil , Shah and Rakesh, Kuma (2012) Molecular Pathways: Targeting P21-Activated Kinase 1 Signaling in Cancer—Opportunities, Challenges, and Limitations. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research., 18(14). 3743-3749. . ISSN 1078-0432

Jisha , Satheesan and Anith K , Narayanan and Manjula , Sakunthala (2012) Induction of root colonization by Piriformospora indica leads to enhanced asiaticoside production in Centella asiatica. Mycorrhiza, 22 (3). 195-202. ISSN 1432-1890

John , Cheriyan and Archana G. , Mohanan and Pradeep K., Kurup and Mayadevi , M and Omkumar , RV (2012) Effect of multimeric structure of CaMKII in the GluN2B-mediated modulation of kinetic parameters of ATP. PloS one, 7 (9). ISSN 1932-6203


K , Suresh and R, Ratheesh and George , Thomas and Sanil, George (2012) Co-Inheritance Of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups And Lineages In ‘Parayi Petta Panthirukulam’: An Evaluation Of Human Motifs In A Popular Folktale In Kerala, India. The Internet Journal of Biological Anthropology, 5 (1). ISSN 1939-4594

K. , Lekha Nair and S. , Vidyanand and Jackson, James and G. S., Vinod Kumar (2012) Pilocarpine-Loaded Poly(DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticles as Potential Candidates for Controlled Drug Delivery with Enhanced Ocular Pharmacological Response. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 124 (3). 2030-2036. ISSN 1097-4628

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M. S. R. , Murty and B., Ramalingeswara Rao and Kesur R. , Ram and J. S., Yadav and Jayesh , Antony and Ruby John , Anto (2012) Synthesis and preliminary evaluation activity studies of novel 4-(aryl/heteroaryl-2-ylmethyl)-6-phenyl-2-[3-(4-substituted- piperazine-1-yl)propyl]pyridazin-3( 2H )-one derivatives as anticancer agents. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 21 (10). pp. 3161-3169. ISSN 1554-8120

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N, Ashwanikumar and Nisha, Asok Kumar and S , Asha Nair and GS , Vinod Kumar and Pillai, MR (2012) Methacrylic-based nanogels for the pH-sensitive delivery of 5-Fluorouracil in the colon. International journal of nanomedicine, 2012 (7). pp. 5769-5779. ISSN 1178-2013

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Praveen K. , Sobhan and Mahendra , Seervi and Jeena , Joseph and Saneesh , Varghese and Prakash , Rajappan Pillai and Divya , M S and Jackson, James and T.R. , Santhoshkumar and M. R, Pillai (2012) Immortalized Functional Endothelial Progenitor Cell Lines from Umbilical Cord Blood for Vascular Tissue Engineering. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 18 (11). 890-902. ISSN 1937-3392

Preethi N., Ragasudha and Jissa V. , Thulaseedharan and M. R., Pillai (2012) A Case-Control Nutrigenomic Study on the Synergistic Activity of Folate and Vitamin B12 in Cervical Cancer Progression. Nutrition and cancer, 64 (4). 550-558 . ISSN 1532-7914

Priya, Suboj and Rakesh S., Nair and Priya , Srinivas (2012) Aloe emodin inhibits colon cancer cell migration/angiogenesis by downregulating MMP-2/9, RhoB and VEGF via reduced DNA binding activity of NF-jB. European journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 45 (5). pp. 581-591. ISSN 1879-0720

Priya , Suboj and Priya , Srinivas (2012) Aloe Emodin Induces G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis via Activation of Caspase-6 in Human Colon Cancer Cells. Pharmacology, 89 (1-2). ISSN 1423-0313

Priya , Thomas and T. V., Vineeth Kumar and V., Reshmy and K. S. , Kumar and Sanil, George (2012) A mini review on the antimicrobial peptides isolated from the genus Hylarana (Amphibia: Anura) with a proposed nomenclature for amphibian skin peptides. Molecular biology reports, 39 (6). pp. 6943-6947. ISSN 1573-4978

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Suboj, Babykutty and Priya , Srinivas (2012) Nimbolide Retards Tumor Cell Migration, Invasion, and Angiogenesis by Downregulating MMP-2/9 Expression Via Inhibiting ERK1/2 and Reducing DNA-Binding Activity of NF-kB in Colon Cancer Cells. Molecular carcinogenesis, 51 (6). pp. 475-90. ISSN 1098-2744

Sujith V., Gopalan and K. Santhosh , Kumar and Sanil , George (2012) Morphology of Indirana semipalmata (Boulenger, 1882) (Amphibia; Anura) adults and tadpoles from the Western Ghats, India. Herpetology Notes, 5. 263-273 . ISSN 2071 5773

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Wills , PJ and VV, Asha (2012) Lygodium flexuosum extract down regulates the expression of proinflammatory cytokines in CCl4 -induced hepatotoxicity. Asian Pacific journal of tropical medicine, 5 (6). 421-426. ISSN 2352-4146

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