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Arjun, Jaya Kumar and Aneesh, Balakrishna Pillai and Kavitha, Thulasi and Harikrishnan, Kumarapillai (2018) Characterization of a novel asparaginase from soil metagenomic libraries generated from forest soil. Biotechnology letters, 40 (2). 343-348 . ISSN 1573-6776

Lekshmi, N. and Iype, Joseph and Ramamurthy, T. and Sabu, Thomas (2018) Changing facades of Vibrio cholerae: An enigma in the epidemiology of cholera. The Indian journal of medical research, 147 (2). pp. 133-14. ISSN 0971-5916

Meera, C R and Karunagaran, D (2018) Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Activities of the Medicinal Mushroom Phellinus rimosus (Agaricomycetes) on HCT116 Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cells. International journal of medicinal mushrooms, 20 (10). pp. 935-945. ISSN 1940-4344

Vineethkumar, T V and Shyla, G and Sanil , George (2018) SMALLEST LECTIN-LIKE PEPTIDE IDENTIFIED FROM THE SKIN SECRETION OF AN ENDEMIC FROG, HYDROPHYLAX BAHUVISTARA. Acta biologica Hungarica, 69 (1). pp. 110-113. ISSN 0236-5383

Vineethkumar, T. V. and Asha, R. and Shyla, G. and Sanil , George (2018) Studies on the Mode of Membrane Interaction of C-terminally Amidated Brevinin1 HYba1 and 2 Peptides Against Bacteria. International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics, 24 (1). pp. 117-129. ISSN 573-3149


Abdul , Jaleel and A., Aneesh Kumar and G. S., Ajith Kumar and Arun , Surendran and C C., Kartha (2018) Label-free quantitative proteomics analysis reveals distinct molecular characteristics in endocardial endothelium. Molecular and cellular biochemistry. 1-10. ISSN 1573-4919

Abhishek, Shankar and Priya, Srinivas (2018) NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Control and Prevention – A Practice Changing Course for Oncologists from Limited Resource Country Like India. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention , 19 (5). pp. 1157-1160. ISSN 2476-762X

Aditi , Majumder and Khaja Moheiddin , Syed and Ananda, Mukherjee and Manendra , Babu Lankadasari and Juberiya Mohammed, Azeez and Sreeja, S and KB, Harikumar and Pillai , MR and Debasree, Dutta (2018) Enhanced expression of histone chaperone APLF associate with breast cancer. Molecular cancer, 17 (1). ISSN 1476-4598

Amrutha , Nisthul A. and Archana P., Retnakumari and Ruby John, Anto and Shabna, A. (2018) In silico screening for identification of fatty acid synthase inhibitors and evaluation of their antiproliferative activity using human cancer cell lines. Journal of receptor and signal transduction research, 38 (4). pp. 335-341. ISSN 1532-4281

Aneesh, Balakrishna Pillai and Arjun , Jaya Kumar and Harikrishnan, Kumarapillai (2018) Enhanced production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) in recombinant Escherichia coli and EDTA-microwave-assisted cell lysis for polymer recovery. AMB Express, 8 (1). ISSN 2191-0855

Aneesh , Chandrasekharan and Shankara Narayanan , Varadarajan and Asha, Lekshmi and Santhik Subhasingh, Lupitha and Pramod , Darvin and Leena , Chandrasekhar and Prakash , Rajappan Pillai and T.R., Santhoshkumar and Pillai, M. R (2018) A high-throughput real-time in vitro assay using mitochondrial targeted roGFP for screening of drugs targeting mitochondria. Redox biology, 20. pp. 379-389. ISSN 2213-2317

Anupriya, M.G. and Sneha, Singh and Neha Vijay , Hulyalkara and E , Sreekumara (2018) Sphingolipid signaling modulates trans-endothelial cell permeability in dengue virus infected HMEC-1 cells. Prostaglandins & other lipid mediators, 136. pp. 44-54. ISSN 1098-8823

Arunkumar Renganathan, Chandrika and Mathew, Steephan and RajeevkumarRaveendran , Nair and Suma PriyaSudarsana , Devi and Mantosh, Kumar and Soumya, Paul and Mayadevi, Madhavan and R V., Omkumar (2018) A simple end-point assay for calcium channel activity. Cell calcium, 74. 73-85. ISSN 1532-1991

Asha , Kishore and Moinak , Banerjee (2018) Understanding the Role of Genetic Variability in LRRK2 in Indian Population. Movement disorders . ISSN 1531-8257

Asha , Lekshmi and Shankara Narayanan, Varadarajan and Santhik Subhasingh , Lupitha and Mydhily, Nair and Aneesh, Chandrasekharan and T.R., Santhoshkumar (2018) A Real-Time Image-Based Approach to UNIT 2.27 Distinguish and Discriminate Apoptosis from Necrosis. Current protocols in toxicology. ISSN 1934-9262

Aurélie S., Cazet and Radhika, Nair (2018) Targeting stromal remodeling and cancer stem cell plasticity overcomes chemoresistance in triple negative breast cancer. Nature communications, 9 (1). ISSN 2041-1723


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Deepa, Indira and Shankara , Narayanan Varadarajan and Santhik , Subhasingh Lupitha and Asha , Lekshmi and Krupa , Ann Mathew and Aneesh, Chandrasekharan and Prakash , Rajappan Pillai and Ishaque Pulikkal , Kadamberi and Indu, Ramachandran and Hari , Sekar and Anurup, Kochucherukkan Gopalakrishnan and Santhoshkumar , TR (2018) Strategies for imaging mitophagy in high-resolution and high-throughput. European journal of cell biology, 97 (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1618-1298

Deepthi, Venugopal and Moinak, Banerjee and UNSPECIFIED (2018) Impact of antipsychotic treatment on methylation status of Interleukin-6 [IL- 6] gene in Schizophrenia. Journal of psychiatric research, 104. pp. 88-95. ISSN 1879-1379

Dhanya, Kalathil and Manu , Prasad and Maharrish, Chelladurai and Samu, John and Asha S., Nair (2018) Thiostrepton degrades mutant p53 by eliciting an autophagic response in SW480 cells. Journal of cellular physiology. ISSN 1097-4652

Diana, David and Arun , Surendran and Asha S., Nair (2018) Regulation of CNKSR2 protein stability by the HECT E3 ubiquitin ligase Smurf2, and its role in breast cancer progression. BMC cancer, 18 (1 :284). ISSN 1471-2407


Gokilavani , Thangavel and Saraswati, Nayar (2018) A Survey of MIKC Type MADS-Box Genes in Non-seed Plants: Algae, Bryophytes, Lycophytes and Ferns. Frontiers in plant science, 9. ISSN Lausanne : Frontiers Research Foundation, c 2010-

Greeshma, Tom and Sheena , Philip and V.V., Ashaa (2018) Preparation of an efficient and safe polymeric-magnetic nanoparticle delivery system for sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma. Life sciences, 206. pp. 10-21. ISSN 1879-0631


Jasna, Jagan Mohan and Prashanth, Narayan and Renjini Ambika, Padmanabhan and Selin, Joseph and Malini , Laloraya (2018) Silencing of dedicator of cytokinesis (DOCK180) obliterates pregnancy by interfering with decidualization due to blockage of nuclear entry of autoimmune regulator (AIRE). Am J Reprod Immunol, 80 (1). ISSN 1600-0897

Jaya Mary, Thomas and Sumi , Surendran and Dhakshmi, Sasankan and Arumugam , Rajavelu and C C. , Kartha (2018) Gene expression analysis of nidus of cerebral arteriovenous malformations reveals vascular structures with deficient differentiation and maturation. PLOS ONE, 13 (6). ISSN 1932-6203

Juberiya M. , Azeez and Ravindran , Vini and Viji, Remadevi and Arun , Surendran and Abdul, Jaleel and T. R., Santhosh Kumar and Sreeja, S. (2018) VDAC1 and SERCA3 Mediate Progesterone-Triggered Ca2+ Signaling in Breast Cancer Cells. Journal of proteome research, 17 (1). pp. 698-709. ISSN 1535-3907


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Karthika, Suryaletha and Lekshmi, Narendrakumar and Dinesh , Reghunathan and Manoj, Prasannakumar and Sabu, Thomas (2018) Genomic Insights into Biofilm-Forming Enterococcus faecalis SK460 Isolated from a Chronic Diabetic Ulcer Patient. Genome announcements, 6 (2). ISSN 2169-8287

Kasturi Bala , Nayak and T. R. , Santhosh Kumar (2018) Ecotropic viral integration site 1 promotes metastasis independent of epithelial mesenchymal transition in colon cancer cells. Cell death & disease, 9 (2). ISSN 2041-4889

Kavitha , Thulasi and Arjun , Jayakumar and Aneesh , Balakrishna Pillai and Vinod Kumar, GS and Harikrishnan, Kumarapillai (2018) Efficient methanol-degrading aerobic bacteria isolated from a wetland ecosystem. Archives of Microbiology, 200 (5). pp. 829-833. ISSN 0302-8933


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Lekshmi , Narendrakumar and Bhaskar, Das and Balasubramanian , Paramasivan and Jayabalan, Rasu and Sabu, Thomas (2018) Quorum Quenching and Biofilm Inhibition: Alternative Imminent Strategies to Control the Disease Cholera. Biotechnological Applications of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors. pp. 63-85.


Mahendra, Seervi and T.R., Santhosh Kumar (2018) ROS mediated ER stress induces Bax-Bak dependent and independent apoptosis in response to Thioridazine. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy, 106. 200-209 . ISSN 1950-6007

Mahesh S., Krishna and A., Aneesh Kumar and K. A., Abdul Jaleel (2018) Time-dependent alterations in mRNA, protein and microRNA during in vitro adipogenesis. Molecular and cellular biochemistry. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1573-4919

Mallika , V and K.C. , Sivakumar and Aiswarya, G. and E.V., Soniya (2018) In silico approaches illustrate the evolutionary pattern and protein-small molecule interactions of quinolone synthase from Aegle marmelos Correa. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1538-0254

Manendra Babu, L and Aparna, S Jayasekharan and Sabira, Mohammed and Shirley, James and K B., Harikumar (2018) Targeting S1PR1/STAT3 loop abrogates desmoplasia and chemosensitizes pancreatic cancer to gemcitabine. Theranostics, 8 (14). pp. 3824-3840. ISSN 1838-7640

Mariet, Jose and R. Dinesh, Raj and M. R., Vinitha and Remya , Madhu and George , Thomas and George , Varghese (2018) The Prehistoric Indian Ayurvedic Rice Shashtika Is an Extant Early Domesticate With a Distinct Selection History. Frontiers in plant science, 9. ISSN 1664-462X

Minakshi, Saikia and Archana P, Retnakumari and Shabna, Anwar and Shabna, Shah and Kavya S , Pillai and Vinod S, Balachandran and Vidya, Peter and Reeba, Thomas and Ruby John , Anto (2018) Heteronemin, a marine natural product, sensitizes acute myeloid leukemia cells towards cytarabine chemotherapy by regulating farnesylation of Ras. Oncotarget, 9 (26). pp. 18115-18127. ISSN 1949-2553


Naheed, Ahmad and T. R. , Santhosh Kumar and Mahendra , Seervia (2018) Biosynthesized composites of Au-Ag nanoparticles using Trapa peel extract induced ROS-mediated p53 independent apoptosis in cancer cells. Drug and chemical toxicology, 1 (11). ISSN 1525-6014

Neerja, Bhatla and Priya R., Prabhu and Subha, Sankaran and Thiraviam Pillai R A, Kannan and Rintu, Varghese and Pillai, M. R (2018) Are two doses of human papillomavirus vaccine sufficient for girls aged 15–18 years? Results from a cohort study in India. Papillomavirus research, 5. pp. 163-171. ISSN 2405-8521

Nils, Kapust and Shijulal Nelson, Sathi (2018) Failure to RecoverMajor Events ofGene Flux in Real Biological Data Due toMethodMisapplication. Genome biology and evolution, 10 (5). pp. 1198-1209. ISSN 1759-6653

Nimmy, Mohan and Vikas, Kumar and Divya T. , Kandala and C C., Kartha and Rakesh S., Laishram (2018) A Splicing-Independent Function of RBM10 Controls Specific 30 UTR Processing to Regulate Cardiac Hypertrophy. Cell reports, 24 (13). pp. 3539-3553. ISSN 2211-1247

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Renata, Abrah~ao and Devasena , Anantharaman and UNSPECIFIED (2018) The influence of smoking, age and stage at diagnosis on the survival after larynx, hypopharynx and oral cavity cancers in Europe: The ARCAGE study. International journal of cancer, 143 (1). pp. 32-44. ISSN 1097-0215

Renata , Abrah~ao and Devasena, Anantharaman (2018) The influence of smoking, age and stage at diagnosis on the survival after larynx, hypopharynx and oral cavity cancers in Europe: The ARCAGE study. International journal of cancer, 143 (1). pp. 32-44. ISSN 1097-0215


Sajith , Raghunandanan and Leny, Jose and R, Ajay Kumar (2018) Dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis converts isoniazid to the active drug in a Wayne's model of dormancy. The Journal of Antibiotics , 71. pp. 939-949. ISSN 0021-8820

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Sreelatha K., Hemalatha and Satheesh Kumar, Sengodan and Revathy, Nadhan and Jithin , Dev and Reshma R., Sushama and Veena, Somasundaram and Ratheeshkumar , Thankappan and Arathi, Rajan and Neetha , R L and Geetu , Rose Varghese and Priya, Srinivas (2018) Brcal Defective Breast Cancer Cells Induce in vitro Transformation of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) to Metastasis Associated Fibroblasts (MAF). Scientific reports, 8 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

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Sunil , Kumar S and T. , Heera Pillai and R., Radhakrishnan Nair R (2018) Direct one step-one tube multiplex PCR technique detects type 1 dengue virus in Aedes albopictus in certain eco zones of Kerala and confirm Trans-ovarian transmission of the virus through Aedes aegypti. International Journal of Mosquito Research, 5 (5). pp. 119-123. ISSN 2348-5906

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Yanshu, L and Rakesh , Kumar (2018) A mandatory role of nuclear PAK4-LIFR axis in breast-to-bone metastasis of ERα-positive breast cancer cells. Oncogene. ISSN 1476-5594

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